SRB to Improve Cultural Level of University

23 February 2016 | 22:00 Code : 3213 Announcements
SRB to Improve Cultural Level of University

Level of University Chancellor of SRB, emphasizing the branch’s interaction with Sadegh Al-Ahmad cultural camp, said: “SRB is planning to improve the cultural level of the university and its neighboring vicinity and for this; it would appreciate any kind of cooperation.”

Dr. Ali Abbaspour, in the cultural meeting with municipality of Tehran’s area 5, held in SRB, stated: “Since a great number of our students are studying in graduate levels, this branch has a great potential for presenting scientific articles, especially ISI and ISC. According to Islamic World Science Citation Center’s latest rankings, SRB is a head of other branches of the IAU in this regard.” He talked about the Great Prophet Center in this branch, saying: “One of the goals of establishing this center is to improve the relations between different religious centers, especially Islamic centers in the world, to further their scientific and cultural interactions and religious researches; also, this center tries to become a place for international Islamic negotiations. Therefore, considering this center, SRB could play an active cultural role in the area.”

Dr. Karam-ollah Danesh-Fard, deputy of culture of SRB, referred to the ratio of the students in this branch and stated: “From the total number of 44,000 students in this branch, 12,000 are Ph.D. candidates, 18,000 are graduate students and 15,000 are studying in undergraduate level. This makes the branch the largest academic unit amongst universities of Iran in the field of graduate programs.” He went on that this branch, based on Leiden International Institute’s rankings, is amongst the world’s 750best universities; he maintained: “SRB is the only branch of the IAU on this list. Iran has 12 universities on this list and SRB is the 6th academy amongst them.” Dr. Seyed Mohsen Asadi, Tehran’s mayor, claimed that the IAU and especially SRB is one of the best knowledge bases in the country’s higher education and added: “This University has established and developed certain facilities for Tehran’s area 5. Of course the large number of students in this branch requires special planning and closer monitoring, but thus far we have not faced any serious issue and this is another advantage of this academic center.”

It should be mentioned that Sadegh Al-Ahmad Cultural Center has been established to expand the cultural programs inside Tehran’s area 5. Introducing the background and history of Islamic Revolution and the Holy defense alongside their core values are among the purposes of this center.

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