Italy & France Ready for Academic Collaboration with Iran

05 March 2016 | 06:19 Code : 3287 Announcements
Italy & France Ready for Academic Collaboration with Iran

An aid to Iran’s foreign minister, referring to previous problems which academic centers of country faced in purchasing advanced technologies and equipment due to the sanctions, said that there are talks to create a special canal for buying approved goods for the convenience of Iranian users.

Majid Takht-ravanchi, in the 6th consul meeting of the university managers in the field of international affairs, said: “Now that JCPA has been enforced, we could compensate for many of the previous shortcomings. Sometimes sanctions are equated with economic hardships, but truth is that this also restricted the access of academic centers to advanced and up-to-date technologies. Also, Iranian students of foreign countries sometimes faced certain issues or those in the country were restricted in regard to international academic events.”

He went on: “Aside from trade and economy, academic circles could benefit from implementation of JCPA and the same willingness is observable on the part of foreign institutions. In the recent trip of Iran’s President to Italy and France, they expressed great interest in expanding collaborations, with Iran and to hold joint events, exchange students and lecturers offer sabbaticals and join the two sides’ technology and research centers. In the future discussions between the countries, scientific and research topics would be regularly on the agenda and we should take advantage of this and push “.forward for progress and promotion.

According to him, technology and research centers of Iran are in need of certain equipment which could be supplied through a special canal created for this task. This canal would purchase the approved products and would deliver .them to the respective centers. This would be a benefit for these centers in regard to ease of access.