IAU’s Specialized Clinic of Farheekhtegan

01 February 2016 | 16:43 Code : 3328 Announcements
IAU’s Specialized Clinic of Farheekhtegan
Head of Tehran’s medical branch of the Islamic Azad University says that the specialized clinic would be completed in the near future. Dr. Mahmoud Tabatabei said: “Establishment of a medical center and equipping it needs several permissions and thus far, the ER and some specialized ward shave received their respective licenses and are offering their services. A 5-membered committee is charged with tracking the progress of this clinic through regular weekly meetings which reviews the latest updates of this project.” He added: “In the first stage of opening the Farheekhtegan clinic, 100 beds in the wards of general, surgical, pediatric and gynecology were equipped. The most urgent issues right now are recruiting specialized and expert human resources. Despite undesirable circumstances in the work force market, we are benefiting from the cooperation of IAU’s head office. We are hoping that establishment of this clinic, equipped with advanced tools and expert human resources, could improve the quality of healthcare services in the north-west region of Tehran.”

Dr. Tabatabei went on: “Another purpose pursued
in this specialized clinic is promoting the education of the medical students in the Islamic Azad University. Farheekhtegan clinics expected to solve a large number of educational problems. Also, this clinic, like any other hospital associated with educational centers, is bound by the regulations of the ministry of Healthcare.”