Start of IAU’s Pilot Knowledge Program of Water-Nano-Purifying

27 January 2016 | 15:51 Code : 3329 Announcements
Start of IAU’s Pilot Knowledge Program of Water-Nano-Purifying
Chairman and deputy of development of the Islamic Azad University visited the pilot knowledge program in the Science and Research branch which is aimed for nano-purifying of water resources. In this visit, Dr. Mirzadeh and Mr. Hashemi were briefed on the details of this program which apart from its advantage of being environment-friendly is estimated to have a positive financial return.

This project, pursued by a private company and IAU’s general office of operations and still in trial stage, would be able to purify the water used in Farheekhtegan complex which due to hardness is not useable for even irrigation systems. But this new mechanism would purify this water up to the level of drinking water. Aside from human wastes, this plan is applicable in industrial complexes; through this mechanism, useless water waste would return to the working cycle. Also, this system is able to purify the farming wells through solving its hardness and elimination of harmful bacteria, making it drinkable.

Dr. Mirzadeh appreciated the efforts of IAU’s deputy of development in presenting such a plan which is futuristic and environment-friendly and at the same time, solves the major problem of the country in regard to water resources. He asked that IAU’s council of knowledge economy work on transferring this plan to the larger market of the country.