SRBIAU Published

SRBIAU Published

04 January 2017 | 10:20 Code : 7082 News ticker

Higher Education Leadership (Emotional Intelligence Approach and the Efficiency of Academic Staff) written by Dr. Kamran Mohammad Khani has been published by SRBIAU, the Office of Public Relations reports 

"Remedying higher education’s problems, without considering Emotional Intelligence is impossible", the introduction to the book notes adding that"

Despite carrying out more than three decades research on EQ, but there is few literature which is in the field of the EQ and higher education".

The author notes that "much of the studies in this field have focused on personal capabilities of EQ and have carried out by non-academic institutions" and as such the book is a major innovation in the field of academic management. .

To date no academic research has presented a model or framework to establish or improve academic management system based on EQ for enactment of academic staff.

Therefore this book has this innovation as its most important characteristic.