Plasma Physics Research Centre (PPRC)

The Plasma Physics Research Centre (PPRC) was established in1994 initiating applied research in the fields of Atomic-Molecular Physics (plasma, laser and bio-photonic) , Solid Physics(superficies, thin layers , semi conductors and Nano technology), Fundamental particles Physics (Theoretical) .
Currently and in line with the national social and economical development programs, the Centre is pursuing a wide range of cooperation with other universities and research centers at the national and international level.
Aiming to develop and promote science and technology the centre is carrying out fundamental and applied research projects, in the field of Solid Physics and Atomic-Molecular Physics. The centre, being one of the most active in Plasma Physics in the country is now expanding its activities to cover nuclear fusion.


In recent year the IAU has placed special importance on research activities. SRBIAU, as the pioneering branch of the university, has built up unique research and laboratory facilities and is rapidly and considerably enhancing its research capabilities. In this connection and towards promoting the international standing of the IAU, the Plasma Physic Research Centre is actively engaged in publishing ISI papers, taking part in reputable international gatherings and conducting research projects at national and international levels. The performance of the centre in recent years is indicative of its exponential growth in registered scientific activities.

Dean of faculty: Mahmood Quran nevis

Field of study: Plasma Physics

Degree: PhD