Foreign Languages and Literature

Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature (FFLL)


The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature (FFLL) began its activities under the auspices of the Faculty of Human Sciences in 1985 offering doctorate level education in English Language. The number of courses and sub-disciplines offered in languages and literature increased rapidly and by 1996 the FFLL included ten educational departments.

On 23 May 2005, the Faculty formally turned into an independent entity as the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature. On September 2006, in order to increase the educational spaces, it moved to a new building in South Jannat Abad Street.

The current departments at the FFLL include:

At graduate level:  French Language and Literature and French Language Translation

At post graduate level: French language and literature, French language Translation, Persian Language and Literature, Arabic Language and Literature, English Language Teaching, English Language Translation, German language Teaching, Ancient Culture and Languages and Linguistics

At doctorate level:  French Language and Literature, Persian Language and Literature, Arab Language and Literature, English language Teaching, German language and Literature, Ancient Iranian Culture and Languages and Linguistics.


Dean of faculty: Fatemeh Khan Mohamadi

Field of study: Language, literature and French literature

Degree: PhD

Academic ranking: Assistant professor