Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences

School of  Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences (SLHSS) is one of the oldest in the IAU founded as the "Human Sciences " in 1984.

Presently the school includes educational departments of Persian & Arab Languages & Literature, History & Archeology,  Physical Education & Sport Sciences , Social Sciences: Sociology”, Geography, Psychology, Foreign Languages, Communication Sciences & Knowledge Studies  and  Education & Counseling with 37 Ph.D  courses 51 M.A courses for Master and 5 undergraduate courses  with a total number of 61 full time faculty members.

SLHSS with 5 journals including Geographic Territory Quarterly, Media Studies Quarterly and Development of Social Studies Quarterly all enjoying Research-  Scientific classification (RSc) of IAU and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology  and ISC- indexed as well as  the  Journal of Information Systems and Services enjoying RSc  and the International Journal of Social Sciences  enjoying  Scientific-Promotional classification  is one of the major referrals  sources of  literature, humanities and social science in the country.

Dean of faculty : Dr. Sina Forouzesh
 Field of study  : History
Ranking : Assistant Professor

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