Natural Resources and Environment

Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment​

The Faculty of Environment and Energy of the Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, has spared no efforts to expand its research and educational activities at post-graduate and doctorate levels in the past 18 years. These efforts have successfully resulted in training and educating of quality lecturers, researchers and experts who now serve across the country and abroad. Quite a few of the first doctoral graduates of the faculty have achieved associate professor rank in different universities where they lecture and conduct and lead research projects. Noting its activities in publication, education and research areas, the FEE has been identified as a ‘distinguished institution’ amongst other environmental faculties in the country. These achievements are the result of the past and present activities of the faculty which will only be continued and expanded in future. With the support and collaboration of the higher authorities, the university administrators and the alumni the faculty is determined to progress and flourish as a non-governmental scientific and research center at world level. The faculty began activities in 1990 in 3 major disciplines, namely Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management and Environmental Sciences, at post-graduate and PhD levels. Since the first semester of 2003-2004 the faculty is offering master degree in Environmental Law and Environmental Economics, these being sub-disciplines of Environmental Management. Starting with the first semester of 2004- 2005, Environment Design Engineering and Water Resources, being sub-disciplines of Environmental Engineering, have admitted students at the Masters level. From 2004-5 the Energy Engineering has also been included in the faculty.



Dean of faculty: Dr. Amirhoman Hammasi

Field of Study: Natural Resources Engineering 

Academic ranking: Full Professor 



The FNRE is composed  of  14  Departments,  "  Grouh" ,  namely :

1.      Natural Resources Engineering

2.      Environment Management

3.      Environmental Law 

4.      Economics of Environment

5.      Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

6.      Environment Management and Education Planning: Environmental Education

7.      Environmental Design Engineering

8.      Energy

9.      Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS)

10.   Water Resources

11.   Environment Engineering

12.   Economics of Energy

13.   Eco-tourism

14.   Environmental Geology

Post- graduate degrees offered   by the  FEE cover a broad range of environment and energy issues :


Ph.D  Degree 

1.       Environment

2.       Environment Management

3.       Environmental  Law

4.       Energy Engineering

5.       Environment Engineering

M.Sc  Degree

1.   Natural Resources Engineering : Habitats & Biodiversity

2.   Natural Resources Engineering :Land-use Planning and Evaluation

3.   Natural Resources Engineering: Environmental Pollution

4.   Environment Management and Education Planning : Environmental  Management

5.   Environment Management and Education Planning: Environmental Law 

6.   Environment Management and Education Planning: Economics of Environment

7.   Environment Management and Education Planning : Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

8.   Environment Management and Education Planning: Environmental Education

9.   Environmental Design Engineering

10.   Energy Systems Engineering:  Energy Systems

11.   Energy Systems Engineering: Energy Technologies

12.   Renewable Energies Engineering  

13.   Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS)

14.   Environment Engineering: Water Resources

15.   Environment Engineering : Water and Sewerage

16.   Environment Engineering: Air Pollution

17.   Economics of Energy

18.   Eco-tourism

19.   Environmental Geology