Agricultural Sciences and Food Industries

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food Industries​

The Faculty of Food Sciences and Engineering (FFSE) was established and began to admit students in 1999. Up to now, the FFSE has trained some 5,100 graduates in a number of disciplines including Agricultural Engineering: Food Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering: Food, and Nutritional Sciences. Benefiting from qualified and experienced teaching staff, the FFSE is considered as one of the most robust training centers in the country in connection with food industries. The faculty with some 1818 square meter of built- space is constructed on four floors in an area of 994 square and enjoys facilities such as conference halls, computer sites, prayer houses, a dining hall for faculty staff and a buffet for students.

Dean of faculty: Dr. Amir Mohamadi Nezhad

Field of study: Agriculture Economics 

Academic ranking: Assiatant Professor