Marine Science and Technology

Faculty of Marine Science and Technology (FMST)


The Faculty of Marine Science and Technology (FMSE) aiming to improve the qualitative and quantitative aspects of oceanographic disciplines, officially started its work in 2005 and is now home to over 420 students  studying at post- graduate and doctorate  levels.

The faculty’s departments include: Marine Industries (Civil Engineering - Marine Structures, Shipbuilding - Ship Architecture), Marine Biology (Marine Animals, Marine Pollution, and Ecology), Marine Chemistry and Physics. Thus, far a large number of students have graduated from the faculty quite a few of whom have joined the academic staff of other institution of higher education contributing to the growth of marine education and technology.

Each year a considerable number of articles by faculty members and prominent students are published in national and international journals. The faculty is actively engaged in innovations in the various fields of engineering and science, e.g. genes registration.

The FMST owns specialized laboratories at the Zakariya Razi and Sheykh Bahaee complexes at SRBIIAU.  It is also pursuing the design and establishment of the International Institute for Research of Delvar, on the northern coast the Persian Gulf, to promote research and development on marine engineering and Sciences and to contribute to aquaculture. The institute is planned to enter into construction phase in early 2011.

Dean of faculty: Amir hossein Javid

Field of study : Environmental Engineering ( Quantitative Modeling )

Degree: Ph.D 

Ranking: Professor