Divinity and Philosophy

 Faculty of Divinity and Philosophy (FDP)

The Faculty of Divinity and Philosophy (FDP) started its work in 1982 as a new academic center of SRBIAU; however, although some of the courses offered by the faculty goes back to the time when SRBIAU was established. The FDP includes fourteen departments at both post-graduate and doctorate levels. From the time of its establishment, the FDP has had many graduates at various levels in different fields of study who currently serve in different universities and research centers in the country.

Benefiting from highly qualified professors and notable graduates, the faculty has always tried to improve the quality of education in line with the provisions and enactments of the Planning Supreme council and also to lead the MA and PhD theses towards meeting the theoretical-scientific needs of the country.

Dean of faculty:
Seyed Mohammadreza Ayati

Field of study: Divine matters

Degree: PhD

 Academic ranking: Full professor

Website: http://philosophy.srbiau.ac.ir