Medical Sciences and Technologies​

Faculty of Medical Sciences and Technologies​

The School of Medical Sciences (SMS) was established  and began its activities in the Science and Research Branch , Islamic Azad University in  2010  with the aim of  complementing and promoting  the medical disciplines as needed  by the society .The applied disciplines offered by the SMS are in line with the  standards set by the Ministry of Health , Treatment of Medical Education at graduate, post graduate and Ph.D levels.

Presently the SMS is home to 1200 graduate, postgraduate and Ph.D  students in the Departments of Nutritional Sciences,  Medical Education and Health Promotion  and  Medical and Treatment Services Management. Actions are being taken to establish Departments  dealing with Nutrition in Crisis and Emergency Situations, Medical Nanotechnology, History of medical Sciences  , Economics of Health, Medical Physiques , Food Health and Safety , Health of the Aging Population  and Quality Control. Plans are in hand to enhance SMS academic activities through establishing other medical basis disciplines .

Dean of Faculty:  Dr. Ali Komeili

Education: Physician

Specialization: Dermatology

Academic ranking: Assistant Professor