Faculty of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering

Established in 2006, the FPCE is offering BSC and MSC degrees in a number of oil and gas related scientific fields while being equally active in advanced research and technology.

Benefiting from the participation by experienced oil engineering professors, being in touch with the oil and gas specialists both at home and overseas, instituting the new internship programs efficient in acquainting the students with the activities of the oil and gas industries, and finally, introducing the national and international careers opportunities to the students are some of the main features of the FPCE.

The FPE current program includes the expansion of the oil and gas laboratories of the Faculty towards advancing oil and gas technology, especially in the upstream oil industry. 

The achievements of the FPCE students in the International Oil Engineering Competitions have always been the harbingers of their future successes in introducing higher technologies in the International level , and subsequently, paving the way for the Islamic Iran to be placed in the deserved International rank in introducing the new technologies to the world.


Dean of Faculty: Dr. Reza Jahanmardi

Field of study: Polymer Engineering

Ranking: Assistant Professor