Faculty of Converging Sciences and Technologies

 The Faculty was founded in 1986 and began its work as an independent institution from 1999. Biology and Geology were amongst the earliest disciplines offered by the Faculty. During the 1993-1994 periods, the first post-graduate level course (M.Sc) on Biology-genetics was approved and launched. In 1995 new disciplines i.e. Marine Biology, Marine Physics and Mathematics were added. Same year it accepted PhD level students in Mathematics. In 2003, the FBS admitted undergraduate students in General Biology and Plant Biology. Presently the Faculty offers education and research at graduate, post graduate and Decorate levels to 1790 students in 54 disciplines and sub-disciplines.

Dean of faculty: Dr. Amirhussein Sari

Field of study: Plasma Physics

Ranking: Assistant Professor

Website: http://basic.srbiau.ac.ir