Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment

Faculty of  Natural Resources and Environment (FNRE) is one of the pioneers of research, education and training of experts in the fields of natural resources and environment in the country.

Presently the school includes 8 specialized departments of including Environment Engineering, Environment Sciences, Environment Management, GIS, “Energy & Economics, Wood, Paper & fisheries Science and industry, Forests, Rangeland and Watersheds and the Marine Sciences”. It runs 28 Ph.D courses, 34 master courses  and 3 under-graduate courses.

8 specialized and well equipped labs; 7 journals enjoying Research-Scientific  classification (RSc) or Scientific-Promotional classification (SPc) or  ISI-indexed;  a knowledge-based company , namely the  “Zist Negar Kohan,  and 53 prominent and expert faculty members make  the school  a major scientific, research and educational center in the country, especially for designing, planning and cooperating in joint projects with peer organizations and centers.

The journals published by the school  include the  Environmental Science and Technology ( RSc) , and  the Human & Environment,  Sustainability, Development & Environment,  Renewable Natural Resources ,  IJEWR , IJMASE ” all being  RPc. The International Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technologies ( IJEST)  which is indexed in ISI with impact factor of 2, is one the most reliable journals in Natural Resources and Environment in the country. The faculty members and students papers are published  in its own journals as well as in reputable world publications.


Dean of faculty: Dr. Hadi Kiadaliri

Academic ranking: Associate Professor

Website: environment.srbiau.ac.ir/fa/index.htm



The FNRE is composed  of  14  Departments,  "  Grouh" ,  namely :

1.      Natural Resources Engineering

2.      Environment Management

3.      Environmental Law 

4.      Economics of Environment

5.      Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

6.      Environment Management and Education Planning: Environmental Education

7.      Environmental Design Engineering

8.      Energy

9.      Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS)

10.   Water Resources

11.   Environment Engineering

12.   Economics of Energy

13.   Eco-tourism

14.   Environmental Geology

Post- graduate degrees offered   by the  FEE cover a broad range of environment and energy issues :


Ph.D  Degree 

1.       Environment

2.       Environment Management

3.       Environmental  Law

4.       Energy Engineering

5.       Environment Engineering

M.Sc  Degree

1.   Natural Resources Engineering : Habitats & Biodiversity

2.   Natural Resources Engineering :Land-use Planning and Evaluation

3.   Natural Resources Engineering: Environmental Pollution

4.   Environment Management and Education Planning : Environmental  Management

5.   Environment Management and Education Planning: Environmental Law 

6.   Environment Management and Education Planning: Economics of Environment

7.   Environment Management and Education Planning : Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

8.   Environment Management and Education Planning: Environmental Education

9.   Environmental Design Engineering

10.   Energy Systems Engineering:  Energy Systems

11.   Energy Systems Engineering: Energy Technologies

12.   Renewable Energies Engineering  

13.   Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS)

14.   Environment Engineering: Water Resources

15.   Environment Engineering : Water and Sewerage

16.   Environment Engineering: Air Pollution

17.   Economics of Energy

18.   Eco-tourism

19.   Environmental Geology