Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food Industries

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food Industries (FASFI)  has a key role in education, research and promoting the science of agriculture and food industries.

With more than 48 faculty members, using great facilities and accommodations, laboratories, farmhouses and research greenhouses such as “Sarbandan Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center” and “Food Industries Research Center” have made SASFI a unique place.

Publishing 4 specialized journals including “Preserving Water and Soil Sources”, “Agricultural Promotion and Education Research”  enjoying “Research- Scientific”  classification  and the “Journal of Food Biosciences and Technology” are amongst  activities of FASFI.

Presently the school admits  Bachelor, Master and PhD. students in 9 different disciplines including  “Agronomy and Horticultural Science”, “Phytopathology”, “Economics”, “Agricultural Training & Development”, “Animal Sciences”, “Agricultural Systems Engineering’, “phytopathology”, “Biotechnology & Eugenics”, “Food Chemistry & Technology”, “Microbiology & Food Industries Design” and “Food Industry”. Already there are 25 courses for PhD, 36 courses for Master and 1 course for Bachelor.

The location of this center is in Avicenna Building, Block C.

Dean of faculty: Dr. Amir Mohamadi Nezhad
Field of study: Agriculture Economics 
Academic ranking: Assiatant Professor
Website: http://food.srbiau.ac.ir