Faculty of Law, Theology and Political science

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (FLPS) was founded in May 2003 following the establishment of separate independent entities dealing with humanities, a policy that reflected the strategic approach undertaken by the Islamic Azad University (IAU) to promote and strengthen the principles and foundations of specialized research and development activities   and to respond to the increasing need of the IAU for trained and qualified educational staff.

The faculty,  started its activities as an independent entity in a single room, this being the work office of the Politics and International Relations Department , with one staff member with support from the Educational Deputy of the  Branch. Presently, after some eight years, the faculty has expanded its activities in both education and research enjoying the support of 8 staff members  

Currently the faculty has two departments namely The Political Sciences-International Relations and The Law. The Law group has two specialized sub-groups namely, Criminal Law and Criminology and Private, International and Public Law. The Law group has 10 full-time and 13 part-time professors and the Political Science and International Relations group has 8 full-time and 6 part-time professors.

Dean of faculty: Dr. Asghar Arabian
Website: http://law.srbiau.ac.ir