Faculty of Veterinary Sciences

The Faculty of Veterinary Sciences (FVS) began work in 1997 with only two disciplines on the main SRB campus. It moved to Shahriar to avail itself of  23000m2 infrastructure there when the SRB was undergoing programme changes but returned in part to the main campus in September 2014 to the Avicenna Building.

Presently it has  4 specialized departments offering Ph.D , Master and Bachelor courses  and  is training expert specialists to promote the quality of the veterinary in Iran.

It enjoys participation of 26 prominent full time faculty members , publishes the “ ISC indexed Journal of Comparative Pathobiology”, holds conferences and seminars in the field of veterinary medicine, collaborates in the design and execution of research projects in the country, and is engaged in innovations by its faculty members and students. These activities  make the SVS  the focus veterinary policy makers  , researchers and  practitioners.

The departments deal with “Basic Sciences & Health”, “Clinical Sciences”, “Pathobiology”, “DVM” offering 24 technical disciplines,19 technical Ph.D courses, 1 general Ph.D , 2 Master courses and 2  Bachelor courses .

 “Anatomical Veterinary Medicine”, “Veterinary Pharmacology”, “Veterinary Physiology”, “Anatomy and Comparative Veterinary Embryology”, “Health and Aquatic Diseases”, “Internal Disease of Large Livestock”, “Veterinary Surgery”, “Internal Disease of Small Livestock”, “Veterinary Radiology”, “Veterinary Obstetrics and  Theriogenology Diseases ”, “Health & Diseases in Birds”, “Veterinary Parasitology”, “Veterinary Microbiology (including 3 fields of Bacteria, Virus, and Immunology)”  “Veterinary Mycology”, “Veterinary Pathobiology”, and “Clinical Veterinary Pathobiology”  are amongst courses offered.

In addition to DVM fields, Master of Parasitology and Histology, Bachelor of Food Health and Veterinary Laboratory Sciences are also available.

Some of the facilities in this faculty are, “Large animal clinic”, “Specialized clinic for small animals and pets”, “Malard training farm”, “Virology”, “Food Analysis”, “Food Microbiology”, “Parasitology”, “Physiology”, “Pharmacology”, “Mycology”, “Diagnose Center”, “Histotechnical”, “Biochemical”, “Biotechnology”, “Health and Aquatic Diseases” and “Microbiology”.

The location of VSF is at Block 2 second floor of eastern side of Avicenna Building.


Dean of faculty: Dr. Amireghbal Khajeh Rahimi