A ten storey building built over 11190 sq.m  with a floor space of 42000 sq.m.
The well equipped  and staffed hospital has a 320 bed capacity and is planned to be completed in the next few months

Fath Sport Complex:

Including a 1700 sq.m  sport hall accommodating 1000 capable of hosting volleyball,
handball, footsal, basketball.The Complex also provides facilities for weightlifting, body-building, archery and combat sports


Guest House:

The Guesthouse including a  resturant   and kitchen occupies over 2,914 sq of floor space built over four floors.
Guesthouse is one of the first buldings of SRBIAU completed some ten years ago,   



A 13 storey building with  44,435 sq.m of floor space built over 9,499 sq.m offering 88suits an 262 rooms .
The hotel enjoys a large underground parking space as well as exceelent sport facilities covering three floors.



Built over 1400sq.m the Mosque provides the faithful with 5500 floor space.Planned for inauguration this year the uniquely designed
mosque offers adequate facilities for religious festivities and rituals.