Faculty of Medical Sciences and Technologies​

Nowadays the medical sciences and technologies have significant roles to play due to their direct impact on sciences such as medical engineering, nutrition, health and food safety, health education and health promotion, health care management and health economics. Using technology to safeguard human health, to improve medical treatment  and  to maintain the quality, health and safety of food   all play a role in preventing various diseases, especially cancer.

Considering the many applications of medical sciences and technologies in promoting health and improving the quality of health and medical care, the need for trained and expert specialists in this field is essential. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main tasks of the educational centers, especially universities.

 The Faculty of  Medical Sciences and Technologies (FMCT) focuses on the interdisciplinary approach in the field of biomedical and medical sciences and has a significant impact on the training specialists in these areas. This faculty, with its unique educational and research laboratories, and experienced instructors, is one of the pioneer in educational and research centers in the field of medical sciences and medicine.

Presently the school has 43 full time faculty members, a number of research centers  focusing on bio-photonics, healthy lifestyle, engineering in medicine and biology, nutrition and food industry and health electronic monitoring and statistics. The school publishes the ISC-Indexed the Healthcare Management journal  with Research-Scientific  classification of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology which and the Food & Health journal, both being very popular among those interested in studying in the fields of medical science and technology in the country.

One of the unique features of this faculty is the Educational Development Office (EDO). The mission of this office is to expand the quality of medical education, to empower faculty members to modern medical education, to strengthen the participation of professors in the development processes of faculty education, and to encourage and advise faculty members on the implementation of applied research. .

Presently the school includes  6 specialized  departments , runs 5 Ph.D  ,12 master and 5 undergraduate courses.

It is located on the west wing of the 6th floor of the  Education Building Block 2 .


Dean of Faculty:  Dr. Leila Riahi

Field of study:  Health Management

Academic ranking: Assiatant Professor