Electronic Research, Statistics & Information Monitoring Health Center

The Centre

The SRB Health Center encompasses a) The Electronic Research, Statistics & Information Monitoring Health Division and b) The clinic, which is established in February 2015 and started to supply medical services to students, administrative staff and professors of SRB.

Electronic Research, Statistics & Information Monitoring Health Center

Since May 2015, the center has initiated a Health Monitoring program. The program which aims to improve the health of students and colleagues, collects health information on each client through a 2-phased action plan namely blood test & general medical examination. It electronically records the gathered information with access for the participants. The blood test determines blood lipids, blood sugar concentration, liver enzyme and kidney function. The primary evaluation of the test results defines the base health status of every client to enable and determine the required medical/tutorial services. Periodic general medical examinations will keep the health conditions monitored.

In addition to Health Monitoring, there are services to improve healthcare and medical knowledge:

·         Workshops on health & safety

·         Workshops on elderly healthcare

·         Publication on healthcare for the elderly

·         Health tips through SMS messages

·         Tutorial SMS & Electronic messaging packages: assigned for each client’s illness

·         Preventive healthcare SMS & Electronic messaging packages: as opposed to mental/physical disorders

·         Developing Health Monitoring administrative software for organizations & companies

·         Developing EMR/GHR/MDSS software

The Clinic

From February 2015 the clinic started to supply medical services to faculty, students and administrative staff. The Clinic is open from 8:00 to 20:00 -except for holidays- and offers comprehensive primary health care including:

·         Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

·         Bondage & Injection

·         Surgical Stitching

·         General medical examination

·         Ambulance service for urgent patient transport, administering emergency care, CCU, ICU and etc