Faculty of Mechanics, Electrical Power and Computer

Faculty of Mechanics, Electrical and Computer (FMEC) with 48 prominent and expert faculty members, well-equipped laboratories, workshops, and applied research centers, publishing the Journal of Advances in Computer Engineering and Technology (JACET) and conducting national and international scientific and technical conferences, has made itself  one of the top academic  centers in the field of education and research reliable in implementing various projects with government and private organizations.

Presently the school  admits students in 12 PhD courses , 25 M.Sc courses and 3  undergraduate courses.

The school laboratories and research centers  focus on Fundamentals of Electric Engineering, Electronics, Electrical circuits , Electrical Machines , “Micro-grid & Power Electronics, Advanced Digital Electronic Systems & Signal Processing, Software Architecture & Formal Methods,  Distributed Systems, Robotics, Computer and Mechatronics (Robocom),  Materials Resistance, Controls, Fluids , Thermodynamics, Additive Manufacturing Technologies Researches, Heat Transfer, Auto-mechanic, Advanced Machining, Vibrations and  Cybersecurity.

The school is located on the  first floor of  the Avicenna Building.


Dean of faculty: Dr. Mohammad Naser Moghadasi

Field of study: Electrical Engineering- Telecommunications

Academic ranking: Full Professor