Damavand Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center

Damavand Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center


Due to the massive evolutions which are happening now a day in agriculture field, make basic changes in study’s procedures is completely necessary. Hence, recognizing developments in agriculture science in advanced countries has high importance in long term strategies. In this path, take advantage of modern technology in discovering biologic, bio, and nanotechnology facts, and new crop science and gardening findings, have important role. In order to fulfill some research tasks, Agriculture and Natural Resources University, set up an agriculture and natural resources research facility in Sarbandan region.


- Implementation of practical research projects and their developing needs programs and science & technology research strategies of country’s universities and industries.

- Improving research capacities of center thorough involving academic researchers and craftsman.

- Connection with universities, interior and exterior institutes and research & educational facilities through exchanging information and carry out joint research projects.

- Performing fundamental research about problems of agricultural sector with focusing on using new methods and advanced facilities.

- Using knowledge of postgraduate students, faculty members of the university and other researchers in performing research projects.

- Organizing and conducting international and domestic scientific and research conferences.

- Holding research workshops, publishing research reports, books and periodicals.

- Identifying priority research fields based on the country's needs and university policies.

- Localization of existing technologies in large industries.

- Development of specialized core in research groups.

- Increasing the hardware and software facilities of the research center.

- Organizing large projects through specialized cores and research groups.

- Supporting practical researches and providing necessary conditions for introducing postgraduate students to market through founding knowledge based companies.

- Contributing to develop a positive view in industry’s leaders in order to make use of the results of practical research.

- Launching Student Agriculture and Biotechnology Research Section in order to promote student creativity and identify brilliant talents in research.

- Help with commercialization of research through activation an improving center of technology units and science and technology parks.

- Providing a chance to attract master and PhD students for conducting research thesis.


Targeted research in the field of new technologies in order to exploit the results, to solve agricultural section problems.

Encourage and support entrepreneurs and owners of modern ideas in the agricultural sector whose ideas have economic advantages and commercialization.

Produce wealth through the commercialization of research results and practicalize ideas based on modern technologies.